Gay OK Teams – New project granted

AllthatChas and Edudivers will collaborate on a project to improve the school climate for LGBT youth. The Friends of Schorer Foundation has recently decided to award a grant for this project. Gay OK Teams, groups of motivated students, either LGBT or straight, will make and implement their own plans for their own schools. Peter Dankmeijer of EduDivers and Charles Picavet of AllthatChas will coach these teams, and enable them to carry out their plans. This project will be accompanied by research, done by university/college students under supervision of AllthatChas, in order to improve the evidence base for such programs.

Charles Picavet says: “I am very excited about this project. Research shows that many young LGBTs do not feel safe enough in their schools to be open about their sexuality. ‘Homo’ is still used a lot by young people as a derogatory word, a quarter of secondary school youth do not want gay friends, and less than 40% of (mainly straight) students think LGBTs can be out to everybody at school. It is obvious that school climates need to become more inclusive. If schools can be more open to individual differences, everybody benefits.”

You can read more about this project here. The Gay OK Teams will start in the new year, and the project will be finished by mid 2017.

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